1 economic, economical, saving, sparing.
2 cost-reducing, cost-cutting, cash-saving, economical.
3 economic, related to economics.
4 cheap to run, economic, cost-effective.
5 inexpensive, cheap, low-priced, knockdown.
* * *
1 (gen) economic
2 (barato) cheap, economical, inexpensive
la habitación resultó económica the room was cheap
3 (persona) thrifty, careful with money
crisis económica economic crisis, recession
* * *
(f. - económica)
1) economic
2) economical
* * *
1) [gen] economic; [año] fiscal, financial

la situación económica — the economic situation

2) (=barato) economical, inexpensive

edición económica — cheap edition, popular edition

3) (=ahorrativo) thrifty; pey miserly
ECONÓMICO ¿"Economic" o "economical"? ► El adjetivo económico se traduce por economic cuando se refiere al comercio o las finanzas: China ha vivido cinco años de reformas económicas China has lived through five years of economic reforms ... el ritmo del crecimiento económico ... ... the pace of economic growth ... Económico se traduce por economical cuando se usa para describir algo que presenta una buena relación calidad-precio: Resulta más económico tener un coche de gasoil It is more economical to have a diesel-engined car Economic se puede usar en inglés para traducir rentable: Mantendremos las tarifas altas para que el servicio resulte rentable We shall keep the fares high to make the service economic Para otros usos y ejemplos ver la entrada
* * *
-ca adjetivo
1) <crisis/situación> economic (before n); <problema/independencia> financial
a) <piso/comida> cheap; <restaurante/hotel> cheap, inexpensive
b) (que gasta poco) <motor> economical; <persona> thrifty
* * *
-ca adjetivo
1) <crisis/situación> economic (before n); <problema/independencia> financial
a) <piso/comida> cheap; <restaurante/hotel> cheap, inexpensive
b) (que gasta poco) <motor> economical; <persona> thrifty
* * *
1 = economic, financial, fiscal, monetary, monied, pecuniary, budget, moneyed.

Ex: Generally, the availability of centralised cataloguing records will, if the economic aspects are favourable, encourage uniformity.

Ex: SIA in the United Kingdom covers information on travel and transport, economics in EEC countries, construction of nuclear power stations, and financial information.
Ex: The effect of fiscal pressures is particularly evident for government on-line systems, such as DOE/RECON.
Ex: For example, if the local currency is Belgian francs, monetary amount are always entered in whole francs.
Ex: This will shift the dynamics of information flow to policymakers to favour monied special interests, which threatens the democratic process.
Ex: George Watson Cole refers to his mental derangement and pecuniary embarrassment.
Ex: The aricle has the title 'budget CD-Rewritable drives: to get the best deal, buy a CD-RW drive that's not top of the line'.
Ex: It is generally recognized that collecting money from moneyed deadbeats is as much a social problem as street thuggery.
* apoyo económico = financial backing.
* ayuda económica = fund assistance, financial assistance, grant money, grant, cash grant.
* bache económico = economic doldrums.
* brigada de delitos económicos = fraud squad.
* burbuja económica = price bubble.
* capacidad económica = earning capacity, earning power.
* capital económico = financial capital.
* Clasificación Industrial General de las Actividades Económicas = General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (NACE).
* clima económico = economic climate.
* comprobación de las necesidades económicas = means-testing, means test.
* comprobar las necesidades económicas = means test.
* Comunidad Económica Europea (CEE) = European Economic Community (EEC).
* con poco recursos económicos = low-budget.
* crisis económica = economic crisis, economic slump, difficult economic times, economic depression, economic doldrums.
* crisis económica mundial = global economic slump.
* cuestión económica = economic issue, financial issue.
* depresión económica = economic depression, economic doldrums.
* de recesión económica = recessionary.
* desastre económico = financial disaster, economic disaster.
* desde un punto de vista económico = economically.
* de un modo económico = economically.
* donación económica = monetary donation.
* donación económica de fundación = endowment fund.
* económico-técnico = economic-technical.
* eficacia económica = economic efficiency.
* ejercicio económico = business year, accounting year.
* en tiempos de recesión económica = in recessionary times.
* equiparación económica = economic levelling.
* estatus económico = economic status.
* evaluación de las necesidades económicas = means-testing, means test.
* evaluar las necesidades económicas = means test.
* fondo económico = funds.
* hastiado de la recesión económica = recession-weary.
* historiador económico = economic historian.
* incertidumbre económica = economic uncertainty.
* índice económico = economic index.
* influencia económica = economic influence.
* información económica = business news.
* informe económico = economic report.
* interés económico = economic interest.
* mala racha económica = economic doldrums.
* medida económica = economic measure.
* memoria económica = economic report.
* modelo económico = economic model.
* necesidad económica = economic necessity, economic need.
* nivelación económica = economic levelling.
* no económico = non-economic [noneconomic].
* pasar apuros económicos = lead + a precarious existence.
* política económica = political economy.
* político-económico = politico-economic.
* presión económica = economic pressure.
* que se concede en función de las necesidades económicas = means-tested.
* recesión económica = economic recession, difficult economic times, economic depression.
* recortes económicos = economic retrenchment.
* recuperación económica = economic recovery.
* reforma económica = economic reform.
* respaldo económico = financial backing.
* riesgo económico = financial risk.
* sanción económica = economic penalty, economic sanction.
* sistema económico = economic system.
* situación económica = economic status.
* situación económica, la = economics of the situation, the.
* socioeconómico = socioeconomic [socio-economic].
* teoría económica = economic theory.
* trastorno económico = economic upheaval.
* valor económico = economic value, monetary worth.

2 = cheap [cheaper -comp., cheapest -sup.], cost-effective [cost effective], economical, inexpensive, cost-efficient [cost efficient], dollar-saving, money-saving, thrifty [thriftier -comp., thriftiest -sup.], cut-price, cut-rate, affordable.

Ex: These indexes are both cheap and quick to produce.

Ex: OFFSEARCH is a means of running a search overnight on more than one data base, in a cost-effective mode.
Ex: Fixed length fields the are economical on storage space, and records using fixed length fields are quick and easy to code.
Ex: a microcomputer will need an inexpensive software package in order to suitable for external communication.
Ex: Good libraries are a cost-efficient integral part of an effective correctional programme in a detention centre.
Ex: The article 'Two dollar-saving search tips' explains how to eliminate duplicate citations when printing out search results.
Ex: It is ironic that reduced funding may threaten money-saving automation plans.
Ex: As such, the library serves a large blue collar population of thrifty, hardworking people with a predilection toward conservatism in lifestyle and thought.
Ex: Turkey is heavily promoted by tour operators as an idyllic holiday destination, the cut-price alternative to Greece or Cyprus.
Ex: Most of these cut-rate laptops include a one-year parts and labor warranty.
Ex: Information will become more affordable, accessible, and plentiful.
* alojamiento económico = budget accommodation.
* de forma económica = cost-effectively.
* de un modo económico = thriftily.
* de un modo poco económico = wastefully.
* hotel económico = budget hotel.

* * *
económico -ca
A ‹crisis/situación› economic (before n)
tienen problemas económicos they have financial problems
1 ‹piso/comida› cheap; ‹restaurante/hotel› cheap, inexpensive
2 (que gasta poco) ‹motor› economical; ‹persona› thrifty
* * *


-ca adjetivo

1crisis/situacióneconomic (before n);

restaurante/hotelcheap, inexpensive
b) (que gasta poco) ‹motoreconomical;

económico,-a adjetivo
1 (país, empresa) economic
(persona) financial: tienen problemas económicos, they have financial troubles
2 (barato) economical, inexpensive: el traje me salió muy económico, the suit was very cheap
comidas económicas, cheap meals
3 (persona ahorradora) thrifty
Recuerda que el adjetivo economic, relativo a la economía, no es igual al adjetivo economical, que significa económico, barato.
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* * *
económico, -a adj
1. [asunto, doctrina, crisis] economic;
la política económica del gobierno the government's economic policy;
una familia con problemas económicos a family with financial problems;
mi situación económica es desesperante my financial situation is desperate
2. [barato] cheap, low-cost;
pagándolo al contado te sale más económico it works out cheaper if you pay in cash
3. [que gasta poco] [motor, aparato] economical;
[persona] thrifty
* * *
1 economic
2 (barato) economical
* * *
económico, -ca adj
: economic, economical
* * *
económico adj
1. (de la economía) economic
2. (que gasta poco) economical
3. (que cuesta poco) inexpensive

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